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Sabtu, Desember 19, 2009

JOGJA , a city where Politeness and good behavior are highly regarded. Jogja's Peopleare hard worker, low-profile people who are very proud of their culture and tradition whilst eager to embrace the benefits of modernity, hold firmly to Javanese value. The people are very helpful, this is in accordance with their Principle of Society of Life i.e Mutual cooperation.

For Javanese , family and social life is important. A good family always respects their parents, father as the head of family and mother as the backbone. To respect the parents and ancestors, there is a proverb saying 'mikul duwur, mendem jero' (carry on shoulders highly, bury deeply), which means always honor them, remember the good things they have done, forget the bad ones.

That’s why I always want to be back to Jogja, my hometown where my heart will always warm with the hospitality where a smile can make your life be better .

There are plenty of interesting place in Jogja to visit. Some of that are:

1. The Ancient temple (Candi)

@Borobudur - Budhist Temple

Borobudur was built by King samaratungga one of the kings of Old mataram Kingdom ,the descendant of Syailendra Dinasty. Based on kayumwungan Inscription , an Indonesian named Hudaya Kandahjaya revealed that Borobudur was a place of praying that was completed to be built on 26 May 824 , 100 years from the time when the construction begun.
Name of Borobudur itself means a mountain having terrace (buddhara) , but some other people say it means monastery on high place.

Borobudur is constructed as a ten terraces building. The height before renovation is 42 meters but after renov it is only 34.5 M . each terrace symbolize the stage of human life. Base of Borobodur called kamadhatu symbolizes human being that are still bound and lust
The upper four terrace arecalled Rupadhatu symbolizing humans beings that have set themselves free from lust but are still bound of appearance and shape
The other upper three terrace called Arupadhatu symbolizing human beings that have been free from lust, appearance and shape
The top part is called Arupa symbolizes nirvana whee Buddha is residing.
Ech terrace has batiful relief panels reflect Buddha’s teaching.

In order to understands the sequence of the stories of the relief panels ,we have to alk clockwise from entrance of the remple.

Other way to feel the greatness of Borobudur you may take a walk around the surrounding villages and also get the top of Kendil Stone , aplace where we can enjoy Borobudur and the surrounding scenery…

Borobudur from Kendil Stone "jathilan" - one of traditional dance

Nearby Borobudur there are two smaller Buddhis temple.

@ Pawon Temple
Pawon is also a buddhist temple. Pawon is not a grave , it is a place to keep King Indra's weapon namely Vajranala.

@ Mendut Temple
Mendut was built on 824 A D by Cailendra Dynasty and it is a budhist temple.
There 3 big statues inside , they are :
1. Cakyamuni sitting in cross legged pose with dharma cakra muda (= turning the wheel of dharma hand pose)
2. Awalokiteswara a Bodhi satwa as human being helper
3. Maitreya a savior of human beings in the future
Mendut temple is frequently used to celebrate the waisak day every May Full Moon.

@ Prambanan - Hindu Temple

Prambanan temple found on Year 1733 , Built on 9th Century , with 47 meters height.

There are 3 main temple in Prambanan :

Shiva Temple , the largest temple in this area. in the left and right side of the main gate stands the guard statues nandiswara and mahakala. The showpiece in shiva temple architecturally is the most perfect. The ramayana legend carved inner site of the wall encircle the temple .telling the struglle of lord rama to free his wife sinta from the giant evil rahwana.

In the main Chamber of Shiva temple is the huge statue of four armed Shiva, in the South Chamber is the statue of Agastya ,in the western chamber is statue of Ganesha son of Shiva,in the north chamber is the statue of Durga wife of shiva,

Vishnu Temple, is smaller than shiva temple. only have one chamber with Vishnu statue inside .and the story of Khrisna is carved on the temple's wall.

Brahma Temple , also only have one chamber with the statue of four headed Brama inside . The Final scene of Ramayana is carved in the Brahma Temple's wall.

Faces with the 3 main temple there is :

Nandi temples , inside the temple is statue of nandi the bull of Shiva is inside
A&B Temples , no statue inside but predicted that there should be a swan of Brahma statue and the eagle of wishnu Statue . This 3 smaller temple each measures 13X13 meters and 22m height .there are also APIT Temples , two temples each measures 6X6m with 16 meters
height .on the side of the entrance gate there are Lion Statue.

Below is the map of Prambanan Temple.

To be Continued........

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