I Am Here For You

Minggu, Desember 12, 2010

Love Ends when you stop Caring.....

Hope ends when you stop believing.....

Life ends when you stop dreaming.....

and Friendship ends when you stop sharing....

I don't want to lose you my friends...

When ever you need me, I will be there ..

With you

Sabtu, Desember 11, 2010

About Love

Be with someone who know exactly WHAT they have,
WHEN they HAVE YOU.....


Someone who will REALIZE it
when they have LOST you....

Aftershock - Movie

Rabu, November 17, 2010

This movie is adapted from a novel with the same title "aftershock" create by Zhang Ling. The Story based on the Tangshan earthquake in 1976 that killed over 240,000 people.
At 28 July 1967 Earthquake with 7.8 Magnitude hit Tangshan city at 3:42 Am , when over a million people in Tangshan lay sleeping and unaware of the disaster that was to befall them . As the earth began to shake , a few people who were awake had the forethought to dive under a table or heavy piece furniture , but most were a sleep and did not have time . Earthquake lasted approximately 14 to 16 seconds.

The twins Fang Da and Fang Deng is trapped under the slab of concrete .Lifting the slab anyway will kill one of her Children. Their mother Yuan NI..force to choose between her children. heartbroken she decided to save the boy,since she also did not heard any sound of her daughter Deng on the rescue time which indicated that she still live. However her decision is heard by Deng ,who tearfully whispered..."ma..." before she fainted.

After rescued and can pull their body to the save place Yuan Ni for the last time clings to her daughter body (Which she thought died already) , and said "I am Sorry " for many times , before being pulled away to take care of Da ,her one child who still lives . Later in the middle of the rains following the earthquake ,Deng wakes up in the sea of bodies next of the body of her deceased father.

Deng adopted by a military couple who give her their love and take care of her like their own daughter. She always claims that she has not remembered anything about the earthquake. but actually she remember about everything , she only want to forget it because her heart is broken...she always remember the 3 words that said by her mother..."Save my son" . She is angry with her mother , she feel that Yuan Ni is abandon her .

This family is reunite at 2008 , when earthquake hit Shicuan city. The twins Da and Deng help volunteers the rescue effort. While taking break Deng heard a strangers tell his past experience in Tangshan earthquake and quickly realize that it is her long lost brother...Da. Deng visit Yuan Ni at Tangshan and she realized the remorse , emotional agony and guilt feeling that her mother had gone through for the past 32 years and Deng finally forgive her mother. She found that Yuan Ni never forget about her even she thinks Deng already die . Her mother had been buying 2 sets of all the school workbooks , 1 set for Da and 1 set for her which is put at her "grave".
Weakness in this movie is the story is sometimes jump....in some part we force to guess. When Deng heard Da tell his story in Sichuan city....it's jump to the scene when Da & Deng visit their mother in Tangshan...No scene when Deng met Da...it is not showed how their mother expression when she know at the first time (i think da inform her that He met deng in Sichuan) ...for me that is also important point that we have to know.
However , this movie have a nice story , We learn about looses,hatred and love in this movie. Deng who think that she looses her mother love and think that her mother abandon her because she didn't love her as much as her brother Da. This misunderstanding bring hatred on her heart to her mother. But once Deng have the willingness to meet her mother and talk with her...all the hatred gone.Forgiveness and love reunite this family.

Do Not Ever Talk To Strangers.......

Rabu, November 03, 2010

His name is Christ...(that's what he said ) , He invite me to be his friend in Yahoo Messenger . that's how i met him.. (His picture beside taken from his Facebook Account).

From the first time we met in the cyber world, I already feel that there is something strange about him. He said he is from Spain, and his parents now is in UK. But his english is very bad, looks like he translate what he want to say through Google translator...and retype to the chatbox.

Sometimes he also asking question that are not appropriate , like how much i earn per month ,..do i have saving...haaaaaa...and that make me very upset
with him..so i decided i don't want to continued to chat with him. But then he apologize and promise not to ask somekind of that question.

Almost every night we do chatting , but still i am not feel comfortable with him. Everytime i ask something about spain, seems that he avoided my question and change the topic. hhhmmmm something wrong with this man...

Another strange thing is , only after 3 days we met he said that he love me...(alamak how come ? we dun know each other ) hmmmm ok..i smell fishy things here (sorry oppa..i used your word he he he ). He start to call me darling, sweet heart, my love.... ho ho ho sooo romantic...but that word for me is nothing, because i don't have heart feeling with him. so i let him call me what ever he like. Then a crazy and naughty idea coming in my mind, how if I pretend that I also love him...only just to know..actually what is his purpose to do this.

1 weeks after we met,we exchanged mobilephone number . Also strange for me because his number is +44xxxxx , i know that 's country code for UK and not for Spain . when i confirmed with him he said it because his link is in UK...link ? what link ? another unanswered question by him.

Everyday he will call me only for say hello and just want to know how am i today. So sweet rite...?

Then the big day is come , he ask my address to send some gift for my sons...he know that my son is like to play football so he will send a gift for him..which i think it must be football costume of real madrid.

He send me by email a receipt from halifax courier service ,with detail of package which can make people shocked.....1 APPLE MACBOOK LAPTOP, 1 ROLEX WRIST WATCH , 1carat Gold NECKLACE And 2 iPhone 4. and with 9,500 Dollars ..Goodness i did not ask him for all of this things. He said because he loves me and want to show his love, that's why he give me all of that gift. hhhmmmm smell fishy again....OK honey...thank you for your gift...and I love you...Shut I close the chatbox...and i start googling....

First i type the Sender Address : "CALLE VEREDA NORTE 3, LA MORALEJA ,MADRID 28109, SPAIN".....enter...I got that address is International College Spain.

hhmmmmm..he choose public place for his address...

then..i type HALIFAX COURIER SERVICE ..and no result for that in Google. the result is only about halifax... a city in UK..

So confirm that it must be a fraud...he choose public place as his address to obscure tracking if I am exposed to his trap.

Christ send the package on thursday, which maybe will come to my address on monday.Monday morning i received call from Halifax Service Malaysia (country code +60) said that i got package from spain but i have to pay USD 650.00 for tax clearance...I smiled..and reply..."can you please send me the detail of how i have to do payment to my email address? " her reply sound not sure...but she said she will send it to my email address. After 1 hour the mail come. And another proved that this courier service don't have their own email address. They use gmail.com to send the detail how to pay to my email address. Stated in the mail that i have to send this fund through Western Union .

So I reply their email :


is it possible if i pay cash through my colleaques at malaysia ?
maybe you can send me your office address so he can go there .


I get no reply from them for my email, but Christ contact me only 20 minutes after i send my email. He said that he got called form his courier agent in spain about the tax that i have to pay. He ask me to pay the fund immediately .

I said to him , "that I WILL NEVER WASTE my money to pay something that is not true. for something that i never ask from you .If you really love me , i ask you to pay the tax for me now." then he said that he is now in Paris for a meeting . I said i do not care, because i really will not pay the tax...then he become angry and go offline. At night he contact me again and try again to ask me pay the tax...but i said to him that once i said NO it means NO forever. he said that it will make him may not talking to me forever. I said "I am gladly to hear that" , with that he go offline and left.

Tuesday evening I got mesage from halifax asking for payment, which i reply by kindly ask the sender to pay all the tax. And they stop calling and message me.

I realized this is very dangerous because there is a possibility that this is a group of international Gangster ,but this is also q valuable lessons for me but , Never ever accepted request for a friend in cyberworld , if you did not know him at all. at least you must have mutual friend with this person.

Thanks to GOD that i am not a Greedy woman which easily tempted when see an expensive goods. Can not imagine if the detail on the package tempted me and i decide to transfer blindly to that trickster gang.

Hope this story will make other woman to be carefull when they start a new relation with strangers. OR better do what my mom said....Do Not Ever Talk To Strangers.....

Cinta....Look what you have done to me..

Kamis, Oktober 28, 2010

This morning when i am listening to my MP3 Playlist in the office, I heard this song...and I do not know why, I want to sing this song again and again....

Lyrics | Boz Scaggs - Look What You’ve Done to Me lyrics

True or False...

Rabu, April 14, 2010

When I was kid , I waited to grow up soon...
Now that I grown up I realized that.....
wounded knees and broken toy were better than
wounded emotions and broken heart

Anugerah ....

Senin, April 12, 2010

Suatu hari diatas bus jurusan Kampung Rambutan - Bogor, ketika ada pengamen cilik sedang beraksi...kubisikkan pada anak anakku...Betapa beruntungnya mereka karena mereka masih punya IBU. Dan masih diberikan rezeki yang cukup oleh Allah Swt. Sehingga mereka tak perlu mencari uang sendiri untuk hidup mereka.

Ketika mereka telah terlelap...kurenungkan kembali kata kata itu...

And suddenly I feel so selfish...Not only them who should be gratefull because they still have ME in their life..

BUT Also I should say that Mommy feel gratefull too. Allah Blessed mommy's life with two little eagles....even they have not strong enough ...their smile always make mommy feel better....everytime when mommy cry , their little hand wiped the tears and it always make mommy's heart warm and peacefull....

Sons...you are precious..

Alhamdulilah..thanks Allah you believe me to take care of them....

27 March 2010 - Earth Hour 2010

Selasa, April 06, 2010

Participated to switch off the light for one hour on 27 March 2010 from 20.30PM to 21.30 PM.
Small action for a bigger changes ,better climate and environment for our next generation.
Why switch off the electricity ?

I believe that a lot of people were not aware that our continued reliance on electricity sourced from fossil fuel-fired power stations, world wide releasing CO2 is causing a dramatic increase in the earth's temperature, resulting in rising sea levels, an increase in drought and severe storm , and massive changes to the environment .
Panji & Bai, My sons ...were very excited when i told them about this program which run by WWF...
From morning they prepared the candle to be used when i switch off the electricity.

After they finish their Isya' Pray at the Mosque not far from my house....they take the candle, and sit beside me counting down the time to 20.30 PM...and when the electricity off , they lit the candles ...

Unfortunately in our neighbourhood no one switch off the electricity . Maybe the campaign of this Program is not running well or is this a sign that people is not care anymore about environment,climate changes or the worst...they do not care of our Next Generation Future....


Minggu, April 04, 2010

Andai aku diberi kesempatan untuk bersamamu satu hari saja "lagi"

Tak akan kusembunyikan senyum manisku....
yang membuatmu selalu rindu padaku (katamu saat itu....)
Akan kusiapkan soto ayam kegemaranmu (bukan tumis kangkung favoritku..)

Tak akan kulupa lagi menyiapkan satu gelas besar teh manis hangat kesukaanmu
(dan bukan engkau lagi yang membuatkannya untukku, karena aku lupa selalu...)

Tak akan pernah aku berhenti menatap wajahmu
Agar aku tak akan pernah melupakanmu

Akan aku perlihatkan seluruh perasaan cintaku padamu
Hingga kau tahu akupun sungguh sungguh mencintaimu

Tak akan pernah kulepaskan tanganmu dari gengamanku dimalam itu
Supaya aku bisa menemani dan menuntunmu di akhir perjalanan hidupmu

Dan kini...
Walau kau tak lagi bersamaku
Kau akan tetap dihatiku..selalu..
Karena aku mencintaimu...

Aku lupa mengatakannya padamu...
aku tak ngambek lagi karena kau lebih menjagokan Felipe Massa
daripada my Ice Man...Kimi Raikonen..
Maaf ya karena kusembunyikan remote TV malam itu..
I miss u.......

Aku Tidak Takut....

Kamis, Maret 25, 2010

Sering kali kuterpaku menatap penuh harap ke ujung jalan berbatu
Jalan Terjal berliku dibalik lembah perdu
Walau kutahu kau tak lagi disana menungguku
Membimbingku melompati batu demi batu
Menyingkirkan kerikil kerikil tajam menghunjam telapak kakiku
Menarikku berdiri melompati tubir keputus asaan

Sedetik berlalu
kupalingkan wajahku
kutepis semua bayangan indah itu
kulangkahkan kakiku
kembali melintasi jalanan nan berkelok dan berliku liku

Ketika rintangan datang menghadang
Aku tak akan gamang
karena aku tahu
Dibalik kesusahan akan ada kemudahan
Diujung lorong panjang yang gelap akan selalu ada cahaya yang terang bersinar

Karena aku percaya
hanya Allahlah penjaga dan pelindungku
Tiada daya dan kekuatan kecuali dari Allah semata

Laa Khaula walla quwatta illa billah...

(Gunung putri, October 9th 2009 )

Bye Bye Uti......See you soon yaaa....

Jumat, Februari 26, 2010

14 February 2010

Akhirnya saatnya datang juga untuk mengucapkan salam perpisahan sama uti.....my mom decide to going back home to Yogyakarta after take care of my children for almost 3 weeks....hiks hiks soooo sad....

Dipagi yang dingin jam 05.00 AM kita bertiga mengantarkan uti ke Stasiun Bekasi . Karena masih pagi nggak sampai 30 menit kita sudah sampai di stasiun. Kereta Fajar Utama ke Yogyakarta baru akan berangkat jam 06.45 AM alright so we still have 1 hour to wait the train come to the station .

Hhhmmm asyikkk Panji akhirnya punya banyak kesempatan untuk hunting foto di stasiun.
below is the picture which he took by his camera Digital Canon Powershot A530 ... commented by mommy ....

Welcome To Bekasi

KRL Jabotabek Line Bekasi - Sudirman

We are ready to take you to Jakarta....
Express Train.....Wuzzzzzzzzzzz
Fajar Utama to Yogyakarta ...time to say good bye
Next Destination...Bekasi Station
hhhmmmm..when it will stop ya...??
Boarding Time
Time for Uti to leave us....Bye Bye Uti....See u soon yaaaaa..
Take care and love youuuu

Quite....like our feeling...lonely...miss u uti..

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo
By : Stieg Larsson
Mikael Blomkvist ,Financial journalist, co owner of Independent Magazine Millenium together with Lisbeth Salander , young computer Hacker ,an asocial punk,genius and most importantly a young woman driven by her vindictiveness ,hired by Henrik Vanger to investigate the disappearance of his niece Harriet Vanger ..
Together they investigate the case . Henrik suspect that someone on his family murdered Harriet 40 years ago. During the investigation they found that Harriet's disappearance linked to series of gruesome murders in the past . The two come close to discovering disappearance of Harriet and opened the dark side of the Powerful Vanger Clan . Until Mikael find himself in great danger as a result .

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo is the first novel of Millennium Trilogy. the other two novels title is The Girl who Played with Fire and the Girl who Kicked the hornets Nest .The Author Stieg Larsson tragically passed away before his books published .

I can't stop when i read this novel...the female characters,Lisbeth Salander and other women in this novel are strong ,independent and powerful. they refuse to back down from a fight. Violence and abuse happen but they rise back up. and refuse to be frightened.

Mikael Blomkvist the journalist, he is the combination of Jason Bourne and Indiana Jones. Heroes with sense of humour . and he must be a great lover since 3 female characters in this novel having affair with him *wouuuwwww* .

And this is the second Swedish author which i read the novel . The first is Astrid Lindgren the author of Pippi the Long stocking .

Persahabatan atau Cinta

Rabu, Februari 24, 2010

Untukku persahabatan itu adalah suatu ikatan yang tulus , tanpa pamrih . Ketika suka dibagi bersama dan ketika duka datang menyelimuti suasana, sahabat kan hadir untuk memberikan dukungan dan senyumnya.

Tapi apa jadinya jika Cinta datang diantaranya ? mana yang akan kaupilih ? Cinta atau Persahabatan.

Jika kau utarakan Rasa Cintamu padanya , dan ternyata dia tak memiliki perasaan yang sama , akankah persahabatan itu tetap terjalin indah diantara kalian ?

Bagiku.....akan kupilih "persahabatan" .Kan kubiarkan benih benih cintaku layu , kering dan mati . Karena aku tahu pasti aku tak akan mampu kehilangan persahabatan yang sudah terjalin begitu indah ini....Dan yang terutama aku tak mau kehilangan dirinya ....sahabat sejatiku...

Bye Bye love....


Senin, Februari 22, 2010

Today I was caught smiling for No reason....

Then I realized i was thinking about you

Bogor Botanical Garden

Terpuruk .....

Kamis, Februari 18, 2010

Ketika bahu ini sudah tak kuat lagi menahan beban....ketika hati ini sudah tak mampu menahan luapan airmata...ku hanya bisa berucap..Laa Khaula Wala kuwatta Illa Billahil Aliyul adhim.....

2 minggu terakhir ini hari hariku begitu terasa berat. Berkurang satu tenaga di departmenku dan menghadapi audit eksternal membuat aku benar benar lelah lahir dan batin. Belum lagi dirumah pembantu hanya bisa nemenin anak anak sampai jam 6 sore. Sehingga aku nggak bisa tinggal lebih lama dikantor untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan yang menumpuk.

Aku suka bekerja dan aku cinta pekerjaan aku. Tapi ada saat2 seperti ini dimana aku merasa begitu tak berdaya , tak berdaya menahan keinginan untuk tak berucap....."I am Quit...." . Aku ingin meneriakkannya keras keras. Memberitahu dunia how desperate Iam . Aku begitu ingin tak perduli dengan semua pekerjaan yang ada didepan aku. Seperti manusia lain yang bisa begitu santainya bersikap tak perduli.

Ketika menghadapi suatu kesalahan fatal dan tak ada yang bisa memaklumi kenapa kesalahan itu bisa terjadi. Aku sungguh merasa aku hanyalah obyek penderita . Lelah badan jadi tak ada artinya dibandingkan semua beban hati karena keputus asaan ini. Aku tidak takut menghadapi itu semua. Aku hanya lelah hingga aku ingin berhenti. Tak hanya sejenak tapi selamanya.

Akhirnya hanya bisa kupasarahkan semuanya kembali pada Allah yang tercinta...Dia yang membuat aku hidup, Dia pula penentu jalan hidupku. Hanya Kaulah pelindung ku ya Allah....
Hujan deras turun membasahi bumi.....
Menambah dalam luka di hati.
Biarlah Tuhan....
Biarkan aku menghadapai semua tantangan ini..
Ikhlaskan hatiku menghadapi semua cobaanmu...
Karena ku tahu kau tak akan pernah Berpaling dariku...

PS : I Love You....

Selasa, Februari 16, 2010

Meeting you was fate

Becoming your friend is a choice

Falling in Love with you.......

was beyond my control

Will you become my Valentine.....

My Smiling City - 2

Minggu, Februari 07, 2010

@ Candi Kalasan

Kalasan temple is built on 778 M , in kalibening vilage , 16km east from Jogjakarta.

This temple is dedicated to Budhis Goddess TARA

Kalasan temple is 45 X 45 m and 14 m heights. it has 52 stupas which have 4,6 m heights each.

@Candi Sari

Candi sari is placed 10km from Jogja city . Built on 8th Century almost in the same time with Kalasan temple. If Kalasan temple isdedicated for Goddess TARA , candi sari is built for the budhis monks . for their daily religion activity and stayed there.

Predicted by the arkeolog that the entrance gate have a "Dwarapla" statue as the guard . This statue were Hold "gada" and and snake .

This temple is 17,30 X 10 M with 17 to 18 meters height. the second floor is used as warehouse. first floor is used for religion activity, like study , discussion and other religion activity.

The wal outside is full of beautiful carving . All windows and doors have statues of a man and a woman hold lotus. totally there are 36 statues , 8 on the east wall, 8 on the south wall, 8 on the north wall and 12 on the west wall.

@Kraton Boko

Located 19km north of Jogjakarta . actually this is not a candi/temple but it is a palace.

predicted built on 8th century by "wangsa Syailendra" (buddhis) but after that it is take over by king of "maatram Hindu" . taht is why this building is have a specific hindu and budha carving inside

To be Continued .......

When they need me and I am not there....

Kamis, Februari 04, 2010

Sometimes I have to work late.....
And They need me to listen to them....
Telling me story about School, Friend,Food and anything

I will online on Yahoo Messenger ,
Kiss them , Hug them through YM Emoticons...
Share the story about our day ,their day at school, my day at office.

And we draw a picture together ...
Mommy and sons ....

This is only one of the problem solving for me to keep them close to me.
even I have to spent half of my day outside of my house.
Far far away from my lovely son....


Kamis, Januari 28, 2010

Ketika malam ini kelopakmu mengembang sempurna....

Putihmu suci tak bernoda...

Harummu menguar ,masuk kedalam jiwa..

menguak rasa...

menarik cinta keluar dari



Sabtu, Januari 23, 2010

Jika anda dihadapkan pada suatu pilihan antara harta yang banyak dan berlimpah dengan jiwa yang damai , hati yang tenteram dan bibir yang tak lepas dari senyuman...mana yang akan anda pilih ? kalau pertanyaan itu untukku aku akan memilih yang ke dua. Apa artinya jika harta berlimpah tapi hati selalu diliputi oleh kegalauan ? apa artinya perhiasan intan berlian kalau jiwa ini selalu dalam kesedihan dan rasa hampa ?

Sesungguhnya manusia adalah makhluk yang suka tersenyum, kalau saja dalam hatinya tidak bercokol penyakit Egois , Jahat dan tamak yang menyebabkan dia tak akan pernah bisa melihat keindahan alam semesta ini.
Tak akan pernah dia melihat hakekat atau kebenaran dikarenakan kekotoran hatinya.

manusia akan melihat dunia ini melalui perbuatan , pikiran dan dorongan hidupnya. Jika dia (scr norma agama dan etika) melakukan perbuatan yang baik, pikirannya bersih motivasi hidupnyapun suci maka dia akan selalu melihat dunia ini tampak begitu indah . Tapi bila tidak maka dia akan memandang dunia melalu kacamata gelap yang membuat dunia ini tampak begitu gelap.

Selalu Berpikiran Positif (Positive Thinking)

Ketika kita ada dalam keputusasaan wajah dan jiwa kita akan menjadi begitu muram . Senyum akan hilang dari wajah kita. Ketika ini terjadi berusahalah keras untuk memerangi keputus asaan itu. Ingatlah selalu bahwa setelah kesulitan akan datang kemudahan , setiap masalah pasti ada jalan keluarnya dan diujung lorong yang gelap pasti akan ada cahaya ....

Kita harus yakin bahwa kita diciptakan Tuhan untuk mewujudkan hal hal yang besar...dengan keyakinan itu kita akan mempunyai semangat dan tekad yang kuat untuk mematahkan setiap rintangan dan menembus tembok yang menghadang dalam perjalanan hidup kita mencaapi tujuan yang sangat mulia.

Jiwa kita akan memberikan semangat sesuai dengan kadar atau tingkat tujuan yang ingin dicapai oleh seseorang. Karenanya selalulah menetapkan tujuan yang tinggi dan sulit dicapai . jangan pernah putus asa mengayunkan langkah untuk mencapai tujuan . Ingat jangan pernah berputus asa ,sebab rasa putus asa,patah semangat, selalu berpandangan negatif akan menciptakan kemuraman ,menghambat langkah dan memenjarakan jiwa .
Karenanya...tersenyumlah.. Ketika kita tersenyum..bungapun akan tersenyum...langit , burung dan seluruh dunia inipun akan tersenyum untuk kita...Energi positif dari suasana hati yang bahagia dan damai akan memancarkan energi positif dari tubuh kita dan memberikan kehangatan pada semua orang disekitar kita....

DAY ONE - Cooking

Kamis, Januari 21, 2010

Mommy's menu for today :

Sayur lodeh jantung pisang dengan lauk Balado ikan Tongkol disantap bersama kerupuk uyel...hm mm sedap ya...
Buat sorenya karena lagi musim hujan berangin bikin wedang jahe buat menghangatkan badan camilannya pisang goreng aja...
Nih dia resepnya....fotonya karena gak sempet jepret sendiri terpaksa ambil dari berbagai sumber ...

Sayur Lodeh Jantung Pisang

Banana Blossom in coconut milk

Bahan-bahannya :

1 Buah jantung pisang (Banana Blossom )

4 Gelas santan

Cabe hijau sesuai selera dipotong serong

Minyak Goreng secukupnya untuk menumis

Daun salam

Lengkuas dimemarkan



Bumbu yang dihaluskan :

5 Buah Bawang merah

1 siung bawang putih

Pelengkap :
Bawang goreng untuk taburan

Cara membuat :

1. Jantung Pisang direbus hingga matang , buang air rebusannya cuci bersih , iris dan kemudian ditiriskan.

2. Tumis bumbu halus hingga harum masukkan santan , daun salam dan lengkuas

3. tambahkan garam dan gula secukupnya sebagai penyedap

4. setelah mendidih masukkan irisan jantung pisang

5. Masak hingga matang. Hidangkan dengan taburan bawang goreng diatasnya.

Balado Ikan Tongkol

Gambar diambil dari resepdekap.com

Bahan :

1 ekor ikan tongkol ukuran sedang

air jeruk nipis
minyak goreng secukupnya

Bumbu Halus :

15 bh Cabai merah

1 bh tomat

8 buah bawang merah

2 siung bawang putih

Gula dan garam secukupnya

Cara membuat :

1. Ikan Tongkol dibersihkan dan dicuci, potong potong dengan ukuran sesuai selera

2. lumuri ikan dengan air jeruk nipis diamkan beberapa saat untuk menghilangkan bau amisnya

3. Goreng ikan tongkol hingga matang , angkat dan titiskan

4. tumis bumbu halus hingga harum, tambahkan garam , masukkan ikan tongkol goreng kedalamnya aduk dan campur rata

5. tambahkan gula sebagai penyedap . setelah tercampur dan matang , angkat dan hidangkan.


Untuk minum sore hari kita bikin wedang jahe aja yukkkk...sambil menjerang air untuk bikin wedangnya ,kita baca dulu deh seluk beluk dari jahe ini .

Dari yang pernah aku baca di website http://www.tanamandanobat.blogspot.com/ atau bahasa inggrisnya Ginger adalah tanaman rempah rempah yang mengandung banyak zat yang berguna untuk untuk tubuh kita. diantaranya adalah :

Merangsang pelepasan hormon adrenalin , memperlebar pembuluh darah sehingga darah mengalir lebih cepat dan lancar ,kerja jantung jadi lebih ringan dan akhirnya tekanan darah jadi turun.

Jahe sekurangnya mempunyai 19 komponen bio aktif yang berguna bagi tubuh, yang paling utama adalah Gingerol yang mempunyai sifat anti koagulan ,yaitu mencegah penggumpalan darah sehingga bisa mengurangi risiko tersumbatnya pembuluh darah penyebab utama stroke dan serangan jantung. selain itu Gingerol juga diperkirakan bisa mengurangi kadar kolesterol.

Jahe juga membantu melawan pilek dan flu , selain itu jahe juga mengandung anti oksidan yang membantu menetralkan efek merusak yang disebabkan oleh kandungan radikal bebas didalam tubuh. Jadi para bikers yang setiap hari menghirup timbal dan gas beracun karena emisi buangan dari mobil dan motor dijalanan seharusnya rajin minum wedang jahe , biar nggak terkena masuk angin dan keracunan timbal.

Oke airnya sudah mendidih tuh...kita mulai bikin wedang jahe yuk...

(Ginger Ale)

Bahan :
1 liter air
100 gr gula merah atau sesuai selera
2 rimpang jahe di bakar sebentar lalu di memarkan.
daun pandan wangi di cuci bersih

Cara membuatnya :
1. Rebus air mendidih
2. masukkan gula merah dan jahe rebus hingga gula larut
3. masukkan daun pandan tunggu hingga layu .
4. Angkat dan saring airnya.....hidangkan hangat hangat..

DAY ONE - Gardening

Rabu, Januari 20, 2010

Bersih Bersih tanaman dalam pot....

Punya banyak tanaman yang bagus di rumah tapi jarang ditengok...mumpung cuti..kita tengokin yuk....

1. Euphorbia

Tanaman yang aslinya berasal dari madagaskar ini akan berbunga hingga berdompol dompol kalau kita taruh ditempat yang terkena sinar matahari dan bebas berhubungan dengan udara. Lebih bagus lagi kalau pupuk yang kita berikan pas ukurannya. Biasanya aku pakai Gandasil B .

Euphorbia atau mawar gurun ini banyak sekali speciesnya..
ada yang bunganya besar ada pula yang kecil dengan berbagai macam warna. Sejauh ini hanya 3 ini sajalah yang aku punya...soalnya tempat yang terkena sinar matahari di rumahku terbatas sekali.

Kalau kita rajin memangkas dan memupuk euphorbia ini dijamin tak akan pernah berhenti berbunga. Oh ya...jangan pernah terlalu sering menyiram ya..karena euphorbia ini nggak suka air. batangnya akan busuk kalau media tanamnya terlalu lembab.

2. Wijayakusuma

Bunga ini termasuk dalam keluarga kaktus. bunganya akan keluar dilekuk lekuk daunnya.

Wijayakusuma ini bisa tumbuh di tempat yang tidak begitu panas . Bunga ini cukup unik karena dia hanya mekar sesaat ...Tepat jam 12 malam dan bunganya paling hanya bertahan hingga jam 2 pagi . Untuk mendapatkan foto bunga ini aku harus menunggu bahkan terpaksa mengangkut potnya ke dalam rumah karena gak mau sampai kehilangan momen berharga ini. Meski habis itu jadi prindang prinding karena baunya yang sangat harum.

Ada informasi menarik yang aku dapatkan dari website http://www.iptek.net.id/ bahwa tumbuhan wijaya kusuma mempunyai daya ampuh untuk meredam rasa sakit dan menetralisir pembekuan darah . selain itu juga mempunyai kandungan yang dapat mempercepat masaknya luka abses. tuh..selain cantik, unik ternyata juga ada manfaatnya.......

3. Bunga Bakung

Tanaman ini dikenal juga sebagai bunga lili masuk dalam keluarga bakung. Berkembang biak dengan umbi, karena tanaman ini punya umbi dibawahnya. Bakung punya berbagai macam warna kebanyakan yang bisa ditemui adalah merah muda, merah dan putih.

Tanaman ini aku beli di Puncak Bogor dalam kesempatan liburan akhir tahun .

Sayangnya jenis bakung berbunga besar dan berwarna merah ini agak susah untuk berbunga di rumahku karena kebetulan daerah bekasi ini panas dan kering udaranya.

4. Anggrek mini

Anggrek yang satu ini tidak pernah berhenti berbunga...padahal aku tak pernah punya kesempatan untuk memberikan pupuk secara rutin.

Warna bunga yang putih dengan lidah bunga berwarna ungu membuatnya jadi tampak indah. aku beli tahun 2007 akhir .

Ukurannya lebih kecil dari anggrek yang menjadi indukannya.
karena itu disebut anggrek mini.

5. Simbar Menjangan

Disebut juga Tanduk Rusa , ini termasuk dalam jenis paku pakuan . Simbar menjangan ini mempunyai sifat epifit , jadi dia menempel erat dan kuat pada tumbuhan inang atau induknya tapi tidak bersifat merugikan .

Tanduk rusa ini menyukai tempat yang secara tidak langsung terkena oleh sinar matahari . Perkembang biakan dengan spora atau dengan memindahkan rimpangnya.

Tanduk rusa ini juga bisa menjadi obat juga untuk demam ,radang rahim luar, haid tidak teratur ,Bisul dan abses lho...hebat ya ...indah dan berguna..

6. Kadaka (Asplenium)

Masuk dalam keluarga paku pakuan juga....

akan tumbuh bagus ditempat yang tidak mendapatkan cahaya matahari secara langsung .

Perbanyakannya adalah dengan memisahkan tanaman anakan dari induknya.

kadaka ini juga termasuk tanaman epifit. sama seperti simbar menjangan ,kadaka akan menempel erat ditanaman inang. Kadaka yang aku punya ini aku taruh dalam pot dengan media tanam berupa pakis cacah.....,pupuknya cukup Gandasil D saja. cuma kok belum PD mau memperbanyak atau repotting .takut malah mati....

7. Anthurium - giant

Kalau yang dibawah ini adalah tanaman tanaman indah yang aku temui dimasa liburan akhir tahun kemarin :

Kemuning yang tumbuh dihalaman rumah Bapak mertua di bogor ...indah ya...

Anggrek merpati dan bunga daisy dihalaman rumah tante rien di cipari......bener bener membuat hati jadi tenang ngeliatnya

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